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As babies and children are the most vulnerable member of human society, the under-five mortality rate is often as a prime indicator of the overall well-being of a community or country. Guatemala's under-five mortality rate in 2008 was 35 per thousand live births. This compares with 17 in mexico and 8 in the United States. While this is a big improvement over the rate of 77 in 1990, Guatemala still ranks 77th worst out of almost 200 countries.

On the positive side, Guatemala vaccinates almost all of its children - 85% to 99% depending on the vaccine. Approximately 94% of the rural population (and 99% of the urban) have improved drinking water supplies. Both of these measure have greatly contributed to improved health and lower infant and child mortality.

However, 21% of the rural population (and 10% of the urban) suffer from inadequate sanitation facilities. Indicative of both long and short-term under-nutrition, over half of children under five suffer from stunted growth and approximately 23% are underweight. UNICEF reports than only 22% of children under five suffering from diarrhea receive appropriate rehydration and feeding care-one of the lower percentages reported. Rural health clinic are often understaffed and under-supplied. And many people in the rural areas live miles (often over foot paths )from the clinics that do exist.

Advance Guatemala is committed to assisting health care programs that address these areas of preventive and Curative health care.
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