Advance Guatemala is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

The housing deficit in Guatemala is estimated at approximately 1.2 million homes. Many of these families live in makeshift houses made of materials such as adobe, corrugated sheet metal, wooden planks or palm thatching. Approximately 31% of houses have dirt floors (59% among the poor). Twenty-one percent of the rural population (and 10% of the urban) suffer from inadequate sanitation facilities.

Both population growth and natural disasters have made the provision of sufficient affordable housing very challenging. An additional challenge is the lack of clear title to land on the part of many of the country's poor. Another is the lack of access to bank financing by the majority of the population.

Some programs – such as Habitat for Humanity – are able to build a healthful 500+ square foot block house for less than $5000 in materials. The owners-to-be (plus their neighbors) provide the labor and pay back the cost of materials as a no-interest loan.

Providing affordable housing in a sustainable way is a long-term process, one with Advance Guatemala is committed to supporting.

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