Advance Guatemala is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
Collaboration and sustainability are Advance Guatemala’s two guiding principles. Our business model is quite simple. We do not create our own projects. Instead, we seek to establish long term collaborative partnerships with non-profit organizations that can demonstrate a successful track record of providing sustainable aid to Guatemalans in one of our four pillars for community advancement: Healthcare, Education, Entrepreneurship, and Housing.


Our first objective is to connect with an organization that already has a sustainable project underway in Guatemala. Potential collaborators must be able to demonstrate a keen ability to provide a positive impact in the lives of the communities we serve. We meet with the organization’s leadership, gather information about every aspect of their project, and most importantly, we obtain clarity about the biggest need the organization has to accomplish their mission in Guatemala. In some cases the need is funding, and other times it may be for an ethical local partner in Guatemala to ensure the organization’s project has “boots on the ground” coordinating long term project sustainability. Regardless of what is needed, Advance Guatemala works closely with the collaborative organization to provide assistance in that effort.

When we have achieved 100% comfort with the organization we are collaborating with and the project dynamics, we roll up our sleeves and get to work. This work consists of organizing fundraisers, facilitating key relationships in the United States or Guatemala for important elements of the project, and identifying the Guatemalan benefactors of our aid. It is in these areas of serving as Guatemala’s primary philanthropic incubator in the United States that we shine the most!

The final step is performing the ongoing work activities needed to support project sustainability. Advance Guatemala ensures that the aid being provided is customized to the needs of the people being served. Therefore, the key activity in the third step is constant follow up and active engagement. Each collaborative organization is required to provide Advance Guatemala with annual reporting on each project to ensure the successful execution of the mission.

If you are interested in collaborating with Advance Guatemala or feel you can add value to our process, please email

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