Hope of Life International

Founded by Guatemalans over 30 years ago, Hope of Life’s mission is to save lives. We believe in sharing a practical gospel, in which we never meet a spiritual need without first meeting a physical need.

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We take a holistic approach to humanitarian aid and service, utilizing both local staff and international volunteers to work alongside communities in order to tackle the root causes of poverty and create sustainable, transformative change. We serve marginalized communities in rural Guatemala in a myriad of ways: medical intervention; housing, church and school construction; child sponsorship; water well installation; food security; and livelihood training and resources.

In addition to our outreach, Hope of Life has an extensive campus located in the mountains of Eastern Guatemala. With a pediatric nutritional hospital, a senior care facility, a home for children with special needs, a family-style orphan care community; a fully functional k-12 school and daycare facility, as well as a small community of single-parent households transitioning from extreme poverty, we are caring for the daily needs of more than 1,000 people on our campus alone. Your gifts allow us to keep our programs running: to send our emergency medical team into nearby mountains to rescue babies suffering from severe malnutrition and see them rehabilitated into robust and happy children; to provide clean water to entire villages where there was none; to build a home for a family of 7 who was previously living in a cardboard shelter; and to provide a life-giving bag of food staples and nutritional supplements to households in villages where starvation is a daily reality.

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Guatemala has the highest rate of chronic malnutrition in children in all of Latin America. Nearly half of children under the age of 5 suffer the effects of severe malnutrition. Many of the hardships faced by the nation as a whole (poor education, housing and food insecurity, extreme poverty) all stem from poor childhood nutrition and an extreme disparity of wealth.

When you join with Hope of Life to forever change the lives of people in need, you are part of a powerful strategy that is impacting thousands of households and will transform Guatemala. We use a proven strategy to transform villages over a 3-5 year period: through the provision of water, schools, adequate housing, medical care, food security and child sponsorship, we are watching the transformation of an entire nation. Hope of Life never meets only physical needs—in everything we do, we are giving the Bread of Life and Living Water to people facing incredibly deep spiritual hunger and thirst.

Church Planters Trained
Clean Water Projects Implemented
Schools and Educational Centers Built
Churches and Community Centers Built