Project C.U.R.E.

Project C.U.R.E. identifies, solicits, collects, sorts and distributes medical supplies and services according to the imperative needs of the world.

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In hundreds of hospitals in every corner of the world, there are people who are suffering from disease and despair: patients who go without basic examinations and treatments because their hospitals lack the necessary supplies and equipment to provide the needed care. Children, women and men are left without hope.

In our collaborative work together, each organization is committed to improving the health care facilities in Guatemala’s poverty stricken communities by delivering containers filled with medical supplies and equipment. Project C.U.R.E. identifies the hospitals and clinics which need aid, performs a customized needs assessment at the location and fulfills the necessary need by delivering containers specifically procured to the selected destination. In addition to providing project funding, Advance Guatemala uses its in-country relationships to assist in ensuring an efficient and ethical container entry and delivery.

What We Do

In response to their desperate need, Project C.U.R.E. has worked for 25 years to save lives by providing desperately-needed medical equipment and supplies. Now the largest provider of donated medical supplies and equipment to developing nations around the world, the organization’s dedicated community of 12,000 volunteers identify, solicit, collect, and sort nearly $50 million dollars’ worth — that’s 100 ocean-going cargo containers — annually of donated, unused supplies and reusable equipment that we receive from hospitals, medical manufacturers and wholesale distributors.

Project C.U.R.E. tests, packages and delivers these life-saving supplies to the most deserving hospitals and clinics throughout the world.